Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How to spot a Patriot

Suppose you want to give a real Patriot for a holiday gift. No, not give a gift to a Patriot, dummy - this is about giving a Patriot as a gift to loved one.

To find a REAL one, it helps to know how they look, act and talk. Rick Horowitz tells us it's all easy stuff. For example:
A Patriot is inclusive in her comments. Rather than taking all the credit for the words she utters, she's perfectly willing to pass along something that somebody else supposedly said if it will help her achieve the desired effect.

A Patriot is subtle. She doesn't have to spell things out. She can simply imply that a decorated war veteran is a "coward," for instance, without ever quite saying the particular words in that particular order.

That way, if anybody objects to her comments, the Patriot can withdraw them, and insist that she never meant them personally.


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