Wednesday, November 09, 2005


How's that Ohio gambling thing going?

Apparently the odds just got a little longer.

From last June:
The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma wants to build the casinos. The tribe, which has started the process of filing a land claim for 145 square miles, is cutting casino-hosting deals with four towns - Monroe, Botkins, Lordstown and Lorain. It hopes to make Ohio the 29th state with Indian-chartered casinos.

. . .

A Delaware County company called National Capital I is serving as the Shawnee's' vehicle for obtaining approvals and raising money.

National Capital has raised $10,000 to $50,000 from each of about a dozen private investors. It wouldn't provide the total amount raised to date. Nor would it disclose exactly what investors could receive for their money.

"Most all the people involved have an interest in gaming and would like to see it happen in Ohio," said Terry Casey, a former Franklin County Republican Party executive director working as a consultant to National Capital. "Investors don't want their names and their investments out there. These are folks who have some net worth."
From today's Lima News:
A local group is denying wrongdoing in the wake of state Commerce Department allegations of securities fraud among efforts to start a casino in Botkins.
National Capital I, its president Tom Schnippel, and Lima-based A Piece of the Action LLC were all named by the department. Department officials said A Piece of the Action partner Robert Bollinger sold shares of the company and earned a commission, even though he wasn’t a licensed dealer.

. . .

National Capital I attorney Charles Hertlein said the company wants to sort the matter out. There are some errors in the order that Schnippel and National Capital I want to address with state officials, informally or in a hearing,” he said.
Company spokesman Terry Casey agreed, saying there are inaccuracies that National Capital I hopes to clear up, either through more submissions or through an administrative hearing.


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