Tuesday, November 29, 2005


More buzzards around Schmidt

Gloating? Accurate? Opportunist? Sore loser? All of the above? You decide about Brinkman:
Calling Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) “Mean Jean” and a “pathological liar,” a Republican former rival said yesterday she would almost certainly face a serious primary challenge next year.

“I don’t know who it will be,” state Rep. Tom Brinkman said in an interview with The Hill. “It could be me. It could be Bob McEwen. I think it’s important that she have one challenger to beat her. You don’t want two or three or four because it splits up the vote. I think she’s in serious political trouble.”

. . .

Turning to the Senate race, Brinkman said DeWine, too, could face an insurmountable challenge. “I think either of them would beat him,” Brinkman said of Hackett and Brown. He added that the senator’s opposition to some gun rights had hurt him, giving Hackett, a strong backer of Second Amendment rights, a better shot in the general election.

DeWine’s role in the bipartisan judicial-nominees pact over the summer had alienated many conservatives, Brinkman said.

And the senator’s aggressive “shakedown” of business leaders in Cincinnati for his son’s House campaign had upset many GOP fundraisers, Brinkman said. “They said that Mike DeWine should be ashamed of himself,” he said. “He was virtually threatening people if they didn’t contribute.”


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