Thursday, November 03, 2005


More GOP corruption: Moorman case referred to prosecutors

Remember - ya' heard it here first. Back on Aug 19th, we wrote:
There's a real perp-walk ahead
Now it going to get very interesting:
A state task force and the Ohio Ethics Commission were still investigating public employees for similar offenses and O'Brien said he expected more serious felony charges to be charged, although not against Taft.

"We would like to move on and have the inspector general and law enforcement focus their attention on more serious crimes that we are trying to investigate instead of spending all our time on golf matters," O'Brien said.

Messrs. Moorman, Talbott and Mermis, the prosecutors would like to see you now - one at a time.

Plea bargaining is a challenging game. You jump too soon, you screw yourself. You jump too late and everyone screws you.
Today's Blade:
A second former high-ranking aide to Gov. Bob Taft may face criminal charges for accepting a loan and free meals from GOP fund-raiser Tom Noe.

The state Ethics Commission has referred its investigation of Douglas Moormann, who served as the governor’s executive assistant for business and industry, to prosecutors for review, said Lara Baker, chief legal counsel for the Columbus prosecutor’s office.

Yesterday, Ms. Baker said no decision had been made on whether to file charges against Mr. Moormann, who received a $5,000 loan from Mr. Noe in 2004, after he had left the governor’s office.
This story doesn't answer the question of who is testifying against whom, but we understand that Talbott and Mermis are still in the mix.


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