Friday, November 04, 2005


More on Dimora, the ODP and RON

The more we think about Jimmy Dimora's robo calls, the madder we get. But, the Cuyahoga Co. rank and file Dems should be more than capable of handling Jimbo.

What really gives us the slow burn is that this stupid stuff happens because we have Denny White and the ODP staff who 1) don't have the balls to be independent of stooges like Dimora and Susan Gwinn, and 2) try to float bullshit to cover for the chickenshittedness that passes for leadership on East State Street in Columbus.

Take, for example, the equivocating that has gone one over the past few weeks out of the ODP about whether they intended to support the RON amendments - or not.

Now, we are willing to grant that reasonable people, people that we think highly of, have argued that RON's strength is it's grassroots genesis. Consequently they have also argued that the ODP should just stay away from the RON campaign in order to maintain the campaign's non-partisan premise. These are the folks who have been believing that the ODP's apparent "hands off " stance was due to the party's grasp of this line of tactical thinking.

We admit: We got hoodwinked. We originally subscribed to this line of thinking. But events over the last week have changed our minds on a number of levels.

First, on a tactical level, asking the ODP to sit this one out - all things considered - is a mistake. For Issue 4 to have any chance of winning, we need people who are voting in the mayoral races in all of the big cities to also vote for RON. Since the mayoral candidates are virtually all Democrats (or at least non-Republicans), this means that we need every Democratic party county operation that has mayor's race pigging backing on the RON issues. We need them distributing sample ballots and palm cards that say "Vote for Issues 2-5." This far outweighs the benefits of being able to claim that RON is truly bi-partisan.

And, you know what else? We've seen some of the polling and that non-partisan line is a weak argument with the public.

The second thing that changed our mind is that we've learned that Denny White has been playing the "let's keep it non-partisan crowd" for chumps for some time. Once Denny learned (some time ago as it turns out) that Dimora and Gwinn had decided to oppose RON and that the Plain Dealer was going to run the news on 10/28, he immediately began looking for a way out.

The solution? Rush out a preemptive press release (below) to soften the damage to the ODP leadership's that would certainly arise from the next day's revelations about Dimora. (Don't bother looking for it on the ODP website - they apparently were in such a hurry that they overlooked posting it.)


In other words, we assert that the purpose of this press release had nothing, nothing to do with "helping" the RON campaign and had everything to do with providing White some plausible cover story that he might be able to sell to some of his key constituents such as the labor unions that have also been heavy RON backers. And, he needed to have the cover story in place before the Executive Committee meeting.

While Denny and his minions deserve the scorn of progressive Ohioans, we'll try to do a little karma balancing by praising the Franklin Co. Democratic Party operations for proclaiming their support for RON loud and clear on its sample ballot. Our thanks goes to whoever in that group was responsible for getting that done.


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