Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Schmidt's boo hoos

Get out your handkerchiefs. Apparently the besaddened wicked witch of southern Ohio still can't come to grips with her calling Murtha a coward. Bubp, remember, says he didn't.

Even after releasing her official statement, we are still left wondering how that "C" word crossed her lips, but we know she still doesn't take responsibility for it.
Since that moment I have been attacked from across the country by the left.

I never meant to attack Congressman Murtha personally. I sent him a personal note of apology on Friday evening moments after my words. While I strongly disagree with his policy, neither Representative Bubp nor I ever wished to attack Congressman Murtha. I only take exception to his policy position.

I am amazed at what a national story this has become. It was never intended.
I am thankful for the thousands of supportive messages I have received from the people I represent and others across the nation since Friday.

But this story has been way too focused on me, my conviction and word selection. Instead this story should be focused on the extremely poor policy the minority now propose. A policy, I might point out, that through this media storm has now been repudiated by dozens of leading members of the minority.

I have been attacked very personally, continuously since Friday evening. I am quite willing to suffer those attacks if in the end that policy I so strongly oppose is exposed as unsound. First and foremost I support the troops. They dodge bullets and bombs while I duck only hateful words.

While I wish this national media attention had never occurred, I do not shy from my strong opposition of the minority's position.

I strongly oppose withdrawing our troops until we give them a chance to do what we sent them there to accomplish. They haven't failed us. We must not fail them."
It's pathetic that Schmidt is still using Bubp's name for cover, and we imagine that he is probably more than a little pissed off to have his name again dragged into this affair since he seems to be claiming that he didn't discuss Murtha at all.

In regard to Schmidt's last paragraph above, readers should recall that Murtha correctly pointed out that the military had already accomplished the known missions they were asked to perform.
Our military has accomplished its mission and done its duty. Our military captured Saddam Hussein, and captured or killed his closest associates.
You either agree with that or you don't. Since Jean apparently is in the latter camp, the implication is that she, indeed, thinks the troops have failed us.

Jean - which ones on the Administration's list haven't been checked off yet, and would you mind sharing with us the list of what's left for the military because Bush & Co won't?


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