Thursday, November 03, 2005


Something smells? Something smells!

Give us a break! From the legal spin machine, as reported by the Blade:
"Some thought it smelled a little bit,” Bill Connelly said yesterday. “But they didn’t inquire further.”

Mr. Connelly, whose clients in the matter include Toledo City Councilman Betty Shultz, Lucas County Commissioner Maggie Thurber, and former Toledo mayor Donna Owens, said others had no idea it was a problem and were “flabbergasted” to learn he was under investigation.

Mr. Connelly also represents Ms. Thurber’s husband, Sam, and jeweler Jeffrey Mann. All five of his clients testified before the federal grand jury investigating Mr. Noe.

He declined to say which of his clients thought it could be a problem and which did not. He said they were all told they would not be prosecuted if they cooperated with the federal investigation.
Some thought it smelled a little bit? Cheese and crakers, got all muddy! Some guy hands experienced politicians $2,000 - an amount they clearly know is the maximum contribution limit - and they say it "smelled a little bit" but not enough to make them ask any questions? Is this a joke?

And later he says:
Although his clients have told him they thought they were being “comped” — or given complimentary tickets, Mr. Connelly said that “in hindsight” his clients realize that accepting the money was wrong.

“They just weren’t thinking this was what he was trying to circumvent,” Mr. Connelly said.
Mr. Connelly - the only thing that doesn't pass the smell test is your pitiful, pitiful explanation. Why this bullshit isn't being prosecuted is beyond us. We understand that immunity is going to be given to a few folks to sew up the Noe case, but Schultz, Owens and Thurber. C'mon now!


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