Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Speaking of cowards . . .

Jean can't make up her mind about what defense to use, and we have to admit that it's probably hard to settle on one when you are making it up as you go. Let's see, we now have the:
Yesterday, Schmidt goes on a sympathetic right-leaning talk show and still refuses to come clean about what she an Bubp discussed.
Schmidt declined during an interview on Cincinnati radio station WLW to discuss her fellow Republican's denial: "I was repeating words. I am not going to get into that debate."
Typical chicken-shit, chicken-hawk playbook. Instead of doing the classy thing of taking full responsibility for her words, she continues to try to pawn the blame off on Bubp.

Seems to us that some of the wingnuts might want to start discussing Schmidt's lack of backbone and willingness to try to make one of their operatives take the blame. In an interview Tuesday with the Enquirer (check out the article just for the pictures!), she still trots out the "It's Danny's fault" line:
Schmidt said Tuesday that when she delivered the "cowards cut and run" message from Ohio Rep. Danny Bubp, an Adams County Republican who is a Marine Corps Reserves colonel, she did not know Murtha was a Marine and said she does not think that Bubp did, either.

. . .

But Schmidt said Tuesday she had not seen any of the news coverage surrounding the Murtha resolution.

"I don't listen to the news in D.C. because it's not my news environment," said Schmidt, who conducted the interview with The Enquirer with her chief of staff, Barry Bennett, sitting nearby. "I watch something light-hearted, and then I go to bed."

Schmidt said she delivered her one-minute floor speech minutes after speaking on the phone to Bubp, who told The Enquirer Monday that he did not mention Murtha by name in his talk with Schmidt and would not call a fellow Marine a coward.

. . .

"Danny said, 'You tell Congress to say the course,' " Schmidt said. "And he said, 'You tell that congressman' - he didn't know his name; I told him it was Murtha - 'you tell that congressman that cowards cut and run, Marines never do.' "

Bubp could not be reached for comment Tuesday, but Monday, he said that he never mentioned Murtha and that Schmidt's floor statement "came out wrong."
Bubp may be a loyalist to the radical right, but we are sure that he hates being treated like a chump.


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