Friday, November 04, 2005


"Vastly preferable"

Sometimes it helps to have a little distance from the lies to get an objective view of Issue 4.

From the Austin (TX) American-Statesman:
If the measures are approved, Ohio and California would join a dozen other states that already give redistricting authority to commissions. That's vastly preferable to the viciously partisan redistricting by legislators, a system that guarantees a playing field heavily tilted toward the party in power.

. . .

Sophisticated computer models now make it possible for legislators to draw districts to the very doorstep, and to ensure an overwhelming victory for their party.

. . .

Bipartisan commissions don't take all the politics out of redistricting. Its members are political animals themselves. And they don't guarantee competitive races. Some of those overwhelming victories last year were in commission-drawn districts.

But commission-drawn districts are infinitely better than the geographically tortured, predetermined, fix-is-in districts devised by the Texas Legislature. It's at least possible that a commission would come up with political jurisdictions in which the winner is not known before the polls open.


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