Thursday, November 03, 2005


"A waste of time": A new CD columnist is born? [Updated]

This is at least a day late, but damn we were glad to see that Ann Fisher took a swing at dipshit GOPster Courtney Combs's "Ohio English Unity Act" calling it "A waste of time."
Most immigrants in the 17 th century were English, followed quickly by groups of Germans and Dutch, among others. And even then, folks such as Benjamin Franklin fretted over language differences.

How, they wondered, would the wobbly legs of the new republic get a proper toehold if its residents couldn’t even agree on a universal language?

Somehow, we muddled through. English prevailed without a mandate and the nation grew into the greatest superpower the world has ever known.
And, what's up with Fisher career? She was tough-ass professional pitbull during her reporting days and she significantly improved the Dispatch's stories when she became a state editor. There's been a scary rumor around that she also channels Ian Anderson in her spare time. Go figure.

More to the point, the paper now refers to her as a "Dispatch Metro columnist" so clearly some change has happened in her role on Third Street. We're think we're going to be looking forward to her columns.

[Updated info promoted from the comments:] We fall into a deep, dark depression when GOPsters have the skinny on reporters before we do, but thanks to maven Michael Meckler, we are now up to date about Fisher's new assignment:
Ann Fisher, who has written about everything from presidential elections to profiles of Appalachian artists, will become a Dispatch Metro columnist on Oct. 31.

"To be successful, a columnist must know the community and its issues," Editor Benjamin Marrison said. "As our state editor, Ann has been immersed in regional issues; as a former Statehouse reporter, she understands the problems facing our struggling state."

Fisher, 48, will be a good complement to columnist Mike Harden, Marrison said.

"Ann has intense passion for what we do every day, and she respects the awesome role a newspaper plays in a community," he said, adding that her columns will be based on analysis as well as opinion.

. . .

Her column will be published on Wednesdays and Fridays.


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