Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Who will be no-shows at Ney fundraiser?

Bob Ney has a fundraiser going on Dec. 1 in Columbus. It's the typical shakedown of lobbyists and GOP loyalists.

Yes, the worker bee staffers, the gladhanders and the awe-struck will shell out for the bash. But, the real test will be what elected officials are willing to actually show up and be photographed with Ney.

The Dispatch says Deb Pryce, Pat Tiberi and Dave Hobson are "helping" put on the event. However, we all understand that there is a world of difference between lending your name and actually being there, especially when your congressional district has constituents who actually listen to the news.

Not surprisingly, Pryce already has announced she has a scheduling conflict. Look for the other two to suddenly find some cross-scheduling or airlines problems, too.


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