Wednesday, December 21, 2005


And Springer says he's out . . . [Updated]

From WCPO:
The man who was Cincinnati mayor and is a current talk show king issued that statement Tuesday via the Democratic Party.

Over the past two years, Springer traveled throughout Ohio raising money and talking about running.

He now said he believes Ohio congressman Ted Strickland is the clear front-runner and is throwing his support behind Strickland.
Despite the comment above, there is no mention of this on the ODP homepage.

[Update] And Springer tells Hallett he's all about unity:
With Rep. Ted Strickland of Lisbon emerging as the front-runner, "what purpose does my running now serve?" Springer said in a statement that appeared to endorse Strickland.

"We have a candidate and a wonderful opportunity for unity," Springer said. "Let’s not blow it. Accordingly, I believe it would be irresponsible, divisive and a betrayal of principle for me to jump into the race at this late stage."


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