Saturday, December 10, 2005


Christian cult takes pass on . . . Christmas!

Calling Bill O'Falafel!

According to GOP blogmeister Michael Meckler, at least one Ohio "megachurch" thinks its congregation is too busy this Christmas:
Nationwide reaction has not been positive to the decision of a fair number of the so-called megachurches across the county (including Xenos Christian Fellowship here in Columbus) not to hold services on Christmas Day because it falls on a Sunday this year. Each of these megachurches typically draws thousands every Sunday in an auditorium-like setting, but the fear at these churches is that most of the employees and congregants do not want to come on Christmas. Faced with the logistics of having to run a small service with a skeletal staff, many of these megachurches have chosen to be closed that day.
This is just too ironic, but besides it's snicker value, this item allows us to bloviate a little on one of our pet peeves. You see, Meckler is being too nice about Xenos, first, by calling it a church and second, letting Xenos get away with calling itself a Christian Fellowship without at least inserting a "sic" in it's title.

It's all been papered over in the last few decades, but Xenos (nee The Fish House) is a scary pseudo-Christian cult begun on OSU's campus years and years ago. Some of the details are a little fuzzy in our memory, but it used to be that you couldn't throw a rock down High Street without hitting someone who had a nasty little run-in with the FH folks.

Fish House/Xenos is kind of like Ohio's version of Rev. Moon's "Reunification Church." They are both wrapped up in a lot of Christian trappings and religious mumbo-jumbo, but suddenly you open a secret door that reveals a set of leaders who imagine themselves to be - maybe, possibly, gee whiz hope so - the new messiahs!

And, moms and dads, keep you teenagers away from Xenos. We understand that you might like the idea of a free babysitter for Tommy and Susie when they reach those difficult years, and, you might think its even cool that the leaders of the teenage program wear overalls, have long hair and feed them all the pizza they can eat.

But before you turn your spawn over to these body-snatchers, you might want to catch some of the Xenos "sermons," especially the ones where they to drum into young Tom and Sue that those hormonal surges they have been feeling are really the devil at work, and that those occasional moments of self-doubt, self-loathing and fear about their futures that you told them was "normal" for kids their age was really due to lifetime of sinning that they better turn around or face an eternity of hell fire and damnation. And, by the way, that mom and dad are big time sinners, too.

We understand that we may piss a few folks off by calling Xenos a cult. We realize that there are a lot of naive people around central Ohio - even some that style themselves as being somewhat progressive - that think Xenos is the best thing since sliced bread. If that's true, the bread is full of mold and needs to be thrown in the compost heap.


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