Monday, December 05, 2005


Christocrat issue profiled in AP piece

Andrew Welsh-Huggins provides Parsley some ink without really advancing the story much. We had originally not planned on linking to this because there was so little new, but one quote in the story just doesn't sound right and we are wondering if it strikes others as being "off." First, here's the quote that bothers us:
Parsley, 48, represents a new debate about the line between religion and politics, said Ronald Carstens, an Ohio Dominican University political science professor. "The problem with the left, the reason they can't get elected, is they begin with the premise that anybody who believes in God is a moron," Carstens said.
Since we know quite a few practicing Christians and Jews on the left, including most Democratic elected officials, this seems like a very weird comment, in its on right. As a matter of fact, we can't think of one person that holds to Carstens' premise.

And, when you look at Carstens background, it seems even odder. Now, we understand that Ohio Dominican is a mainstream Catholic school and has no reputation for being a bastion of liberal thought. Carstens is a professor in behavioral and social science, has a background in history and humanities, and be names as an outstanding teacher, etc. He just doesn't seem to be the type to make such an over-the-top comment about God and morons.

We are anxious to know if anyone knows Carstens and whether or not this really sounds like something he would say. Any helpers out there?


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