Monday, December 19, 2005


Deal dance beginning?

Any theories on what's going on with Noe and prosecutors? Someone wanted everyone to know that meetings have started with the prosecution/investigation team, and the Blade dutiful reported on them here and here.

Aside from the question of who went public with the fact that the meeting was taken place, the obvious second question is, "What's the purpose of the meetings?" Given that this is apparently the first formal meeting of involving Noe's attorney, most of the attorneys we've checked with speculate that it was probably the second round of a poker hand where all the players are done with their initial posturing and everyone starts to place hard bets about who has what. To be sure, it doesn't take two hours to get some dates put into everyone's calendar. And, if Jon Richardson, Noe's lawyer, asked for the meeting, it's pretty certain that Richardson felt he had something significant to gain.

With the grand jury still hearing from witnesses, we have to think that public knowledge of such a meeting benefits prosecutors more than it does Noe. Time is probably starting to run short for those who are in a position to cut their deals, and seeing a Noe mouthpiece talking to prosecutors might be just enough to get others to take a deal and run, themselves.


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