Thursday, December 08, 2005


Pollyanna Pryce strikes again

From today's WaPo:
"Our economic policies have done the trick," said Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio). "We are in the middle of one of the strongest economies this country has ever seen."
What state does Pryce represent? Ohio, you say. Well, then, let's contrast Pryce opinions to Policy Matters Ohio's take on the situation which is, uh, a little more grounded in the facts that no new net jobs are being created:
In the first nine months of this year, Ohio has gained a total of 13,800 jobs. However, gains earlier in the year have been offset by losses in the past few months, so that there were no more jobs in Ohio last month than there were in May. At this point after the early 1990s recession started, 276,400 jobs had been created in Ohio, an increase of 5.6 percent. By comparison, since the official beginning of the recession in March 2001, the state has lost 162,600 jobs, or 2.9 percent of its total.

The [Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services] also reported from a separate survey of households that the Ohio unemployment rate was 5.9 percent in October, the same as the rate in September (September’s unemployment rate was revised upward from the originally reported 5.8 percent).
Does Debbykins spend anytime in her district anymore, let alone Ohio? Jeezus, we are praying that Mary Jo Kilroy has a kick-ass campaign.


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