Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Portune in as ODP vice chair

Redfern today named Hamilton Co. Commission Todd Portune to be the apparent #2 leader in charge of the the big urban areas:
Portune has been given responsibility for big-county grassroots efforts and reaching out to elected officials to build the party in a state that played a major role in helping President George W. Bush win re-election last year.

. . .

“Todd Portune is the kind of young dynamic leader (who) has shown Democrats in Ohio how to win a county office in a “red” county by strong grass roots and outreach initiatives,” Redfern noted.

He said Portune’s strength in appealing to swing voters is imperative for Democrats to win in large counties.
. . .

While the Democrats have trouble winning seats in the General Assembly and statewide offices, he will concentrate on improving grassroots efforts in the larger counties and reaching out to locally elected officials.

. . .

At a press conference today in Columbus, Redfern said he hoped to open satellite offices for the Democratic party in Cleveland and Southwest Ohio.
[Update] The ODP's official release is here.


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