Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Reward time: $1,000 $1,025 $1,125 $1,225 bucks says put up or shut up on voter fraud!

[Update 1] - Thanks for bumping it up, Eric.

[Update 2] - Thanks BlueCollarBaby

[Update 3] - Thanks Wes F. in North Adams

[Update 4] - Thanks Pounder

[Update 5] - Thanks Scott

[Update 6] - Thanks Anonymous!

[Update 7] - Thanks Solon Democratic Club!

[Update 8] - Thanks to the redoubtable Sen. Marc Dann!

[Update 9] - Thanks to General Washington

(Hey - we're well past $1,000!! Can we make it $1,500?? A big "thank you" goes to some great bloggers and readers for making this possible. And - of course - additional contributions are always welcome.)

In 2004, with all of Bob Bennett's ballyhoo about the supposed Democratic voter fraud - said ballyhoo dutifully covered by the Statehouse Steno Pool - we offered a $100 reward to the first reporter to document organized voter fraud.

We had no takers. Of course, the $100 was a measely amount. Through the generous commitment of fellow travelers, we upped the reward to $500. Still no takers. Of course, that was no surprise to us since it was pretty obvious that THE WAS NO ORGANIZED VOTER FRAUD in 2004.

Well, given that authors of HB 3 have called the ghost of voter fraud past to buttress their arguments, we at the Hypothetically Speaking World Headquarters have decided to re-offer our $500 $1,000 reward and open the contest to anyone (not just reporters) who can document organized voter fraud.

And, maybe some of our friends will step forward to raise the reward even higher.

As before, there are some rules. Here they are:
  1. This must have occurred between Jan 1, 2002 and our deadline below.
  2. There must be substantial evidence that it was initiated in Ohio.
  3. There must be substantial evidence that it occurred in Ohio.
  4. This is about "organized fraud," not the work of some deranged loner or hustler. A few anecdotes won't make the cut.
  5. This is about "organized" fraud - that means it is rooted in a known organization and evidence exists that someone in a paid position of significant authority in the organization was aware of it. This excludes the work of lone front-line volunteers and temps. In other words, you can't collect the reward by reporting on the isolated work of a few idiots (read "Defiance crack heads").
  6. This is about fraud for political gain, not the schemes of con men, junkies or crack heads who worm their way into a job with some campaign or 527 or PAC for personal gain.
  7. You must report the evidence to the appropriate law enforcement officials, or document they are aware of it.
  8. The reward will be paid via $500 $1,000 in gift certificates to Trader Joe's.
  9. Any disputes will be settled by Columbus Dispatch columnist Ann Fisher (who doesn't have a clue that we've tapped her for this job).
  10. Deadline for submitting a claim for the reward is midnight Jan. 31, 2006.


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