Saturday, January 14, 2006


Boehner's Ohio friends and non-friends [Updated]

In the fight for the Majority leader's position, The Hill is keeping a running tally of the pledge votes for Roy Blunt, John Boehner and John Shadegg (81, 43, and 3 respectively, as of this writing).

What's interesting to us is who is (and is not) on the list of Boehner's committed votes among the Ohio GOP delegation. Here is what we have so far.
For Boehner: Boehner (natch'), Chabot, Gillmor, Hobson, LaTourette, Oxley, Tiberi and Turner.

Uncommitted: Ney (may be too preoccupied), Pryce, Regula and Schmidt.
Pryce's non-committal isn't too surprising, actually. As GOP chair, she probably argues taht she should stay on the sidelines for a while. More realistically, it's important to recall that there's never been any political love lost between Boehner and Pryce, and that the ambitious Boehner went gunning for Deb's job just months ago.

[Update] It should be acknowledged that Pryce is in a huge political pickle. Boehner may not be a political friend but Roy Blunt may not be either. In fact, the stories are mounting (see this in The Hill, for example) that conservatives will try to remove Pryce from her GOP post if Blunt wins. When it comes to Boehner, Deb can't live with him, can't live without him, either.


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