Monday, January 16, 2006


Petro's problems: Heimlich bows out

As has been rumored for several days, Phil Heimlich has changed his mind about being Jim Petro's running mate and made it official this afternoon that he was no longer interested in the lieutenant governor position. Instead, Heimlich will seek reelection as a Hamilton County Commissioner.
Sources said Heimlich was under intense pressure from Hamilton County Republican Party leaders who view him as their best bet for keeping the three-member county commission in Republican hands. They also said that Heimlich was concerned that Petro - once viewed as the front runner - was too much of a long-shot for the nomination.
Heimlich, a hardcore conservative, was legally barred from running for both jobs and had until today to make a decision. While not a fatal blow, his departure has got to have left Petro's campaign in something of a mess.


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