Sunday, January 08, 2006


Pig Vomit a Buckeye and helping Springer?

The General amplified the revelation about Kevin Metheny having a hand in Jerry Springer's show. Maybe Pig Vomit's stylings to the show explains a little bit of why, as much as we've tried to like it, that we just cannot bear to listen to Jerry's slogging, pedantic snorebaiter (and still plead for someone to rescue it).

Actually, according to the Air America website, it sounds like Pig Vomit is more of an on-air fill-in for Springer than a producer, but maybe he is something of a producer for the show, too. But - there is no way that Pig Vomit is the best substitute Springer can find. This clown shouldn't even be allowed to email the fucking show, let alone be it.

For those who have wondered where Pig Vomit has been all these years, the sad, sad truth is that he has been holed up in Cleveland for several years. In Kevin's own words:
Since September 2002, I have been Regional VP of Programming for Clear Channel Radio, Cleveland & Toledo Regions + Dayton market (45 stations).
The link above gives more details about his whereabouts since his Double-you-NNNNNN-BC days, but a little more digging suggests that although he may be a radio veteran, Pig Vomit still has absolutely no ability to pick a radio winner as evidence by the fact that:
  • In 1996, the flagship talk radio station in his region, WTAM, buys the Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) show for the the mid-morning slot. While PV apparently wasn't around when this deal was made, he kept her show until. . .

  • September of 2001, when he dumped Dr. Laura in favor of Glenn Beck. ("Beck is more interested in relating to listeners and entertaining them than proselytizing to them, as Schlessinger often did."). PV kept Beck until. . .

  • March of 2005, when he dumped Beck in favor of Springer. ("We've been listening to ‘Springer on the Radio’ since it launched, and have been positively impressed by Jerry's rapid development as an issues-driven talk radio host.”)
Now, Springer is a hell of an improvement over Dr. Laura and Beck. But, damn, that bar is set pretty low. Besides that, look at how Pig Vomit has programmed the shows before and after Springer:
Add regular features such as Indians Manager Eric Wedge, Rush Limbaugh, and Paul Harvey, along with the exclusive Wall Street Journal Report with Ed Coury, and you have the most informative Morning Show in Northeast Ohio.
Sheesh, now wonder terrestial radio is scared shitless about satellite.


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