Monday, January 09, 2006


Repository: There is no voter ID problem

The editors of the Canton paper again state what only the GOP cannot see:
We expect that the Ohio House will vote early this year to approve a bill changing several aspects of election law. It will include a provision that requires voters to show identification when they vote. It will include this provision because Speaker of the House Jon Husted said so, in a determined way, a way that suggests no further debate is required.

. . .

We believe this proposed change in law addresses a non-existent problem, and we have said so in the past. In fact, when the House declined to finish work on the bill last year, we observed that no one should be in any hurry to see some of its reforms enacted.

Redfern agrees with the unnecessary nature of voter identification. Without challenge from the Republican leaders, Redfern said there have been only four prosecuted cases of election law violations in the last six years.
We remind readers that our $1,225 challenge still hasn't been claimed.


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