Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Still waiting for explanation of Ney gambling winnings

We still chuckle at the thought of Bob Ney playing baccarat with the big boys, not because he is the innocent, salt-of-the-earth-in-eastern-Ohio type (gone bad that the fairy tale the Times tries to portray), but because Bob's been getting a free ride on his utterly absurd story of miraculous luck.

With the fire under Ney being turned up these days, we still wonder why no reporter hasn't been digging on how/why Ney won $34,000 at a London casino parlaying two hands of baccarat.

Again, we assert that it was very possible to use the game as a way to cover payoffs. That casino hosts hands of the Chemin De Fer version of baccarat that is essentially an unregulated form of the game. Players can easily disguise their intents.

Who else was sitting at that table?


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