Monday, January 09, 2006


Strickland up? [Update #2]

The Psychobillies report on a new Rasmussen poll that seems to show that.

[Updated 1/9/06] We've now found the direct link to the poll. For the record, it was a telephone survey of 500 Likely Voters was conducted January 3, 2005. The MOE for the survey was 4.5%.

Not surprisingly, Rasmussen identifies Blackwell as Strickland's strongest opponent - at least for now, and shows that he benefits from a very strong group of "true believers," especially among evangelicals:
Overall, Strickland is viewed favorably by 54% of respondents (versus Blackwell's 49%, Petro's 48%, Montgomery's 45%). More respondents have a "very favorable" impression of Blackwell (21%) than of any other candidate (versus 17% of Strickland, 13% Petro, 15% Montgomery).

As an opponent of Strickland, Blackwell enjoys not only a slight general edge over Petro, but also a distinct advantage among evangelical Christians (61% versus Petro's 53% and Montgomery's 43%) and among Bush supporters (winning over 78% of those who strongly approve of Bush and 64% of those who somewhat approve). Blackwell also does better among conservatives.
[Update #2] Joel1954 at Kos apparently has deeper pockets than we do, because he's got the full (premium subscription required) list of comparisions, Bush ratings, etc.

Scroll down thru the comments to see that Strickland has a favorability rating that is statisically better than Blackwell, Montgomery and Petro (54% favorable compared to 49%, 35% and 48% respectively


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