Thursday, June 29, 2006


ABJ's Hoffman hits/misses

Steve Hoffman gets the polling . . .
pay attention to overall trends. In the governor's race, Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell has consistently trailed Democrat Ted Strickland. Blackwell, Ohio's well-known secretary of state, gets between 36 percent and 44 percent of the various samplings. Strickland, a congressman from Lisbon in his first statewide race, gets between 49 percent and 53 percent. Message? Blackwell has work to do.
but misses on the push polls . . .
So do candidates, who often practice the black art of ''push polling,'' callers pretending to gather opinions when the questions (Would you vote for so-and-so if you knew he or she... ?'') are intended to steer responses.
Steve - "candidates" didn't use push polls in Ohio. Republicans and the Cristocrats used the push polls. Push polling was rampant, for example, by the proponents of Issue 1 in 2004. We know of no documented or even alleged examples of Democrat push polls here. Don't do your readers and disservice by smudging the facts in this case.


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