Tuesday, June 27, 2006


About that Deb Pryce ad . . .

You know the ad running in the Columbus - the one with the older vets in their campaign hats benevolent smiling at St. Deb, expressing their gratitude for her leadership in getting a new VA clinic in central Ohio.

Yeah - it's the one that originally mispelled her own name.

It's also the one with pulled quotes from the Dispatch: "Veterans Clinic Becomes A Reality Via Great Effort" (Sept. 18, 2005), "An Accomplishment That Is Going To Help A Lot" (Sept. 18, 2005) and Congress Showers Benefits On Ohio (Oct. 15, 2004).

A friend sent us copies of those articles (the Dispatch charges $$ for archive searches) expecting to see Pryce acknowledged as the major sponsor for getting the new clinic and documenting the daring and unusual steps she took to get the clinic. Well, we found in the articles nothing daring and unusual, and a whole lotta hedging about whether she played much of a "leading" role at all.

First, we should note that the new clinic sounds like it was greatly needed. Glad to hear it is a reality. However, we take issue with how much chest-thumping it seems St. Deb really deserves to be doing in regard to this clinic.

To be sure, the 2004 Dispatch article is a little vague and reads more like a rehash of press releases:
This is "great news to come home with,'' Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Columbus, said earlier this week in a statement.

Reps. David L. Hobson, R-Springfield, and Deborah Pryce, R-Upper Arlington, also have played roles in helping move the clinic project along.
The 2005 article - actually a commentary by the hackarific Jonathan Riskind - seems to shed a little more light on which GOPers deserve credit:
Hobson is a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, past chairman of that panel's military construction subcommittee, past senior member of the veterans subcommittee and current high-ranking member of the defense subcommittee. He has a lot of power over how the House allocates money and a lot of knowledge about the ways of the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tiberi and Hobson also sought the assistance of Rep. Deborah Pryce of Upper Arlington, the fourth-ranking House GOP leader, as well as Ohio GOP Sens. Mike DeWine and George V. Voinovich.
Riskind gushingly snags a few "it was a team effort" kind of quotes Hobson, but notes that Hobson, through his HAC connections,
won $500,000 in planning money, for instance, before the VA signed off on the plan, and he passed a bill authorizing $90 million for the project that showed federal officials there was general support for the idea.
Okay, so Deb was more of supporting cast member than lead actor. Nothing wrong with that.

We do object however, when elected officials like Deb heap hyperbolic praise upon themselves FOR DOING THEIR GODDAM JOB. Pryce is supposed to advocate for this region. She is supposed to testify, write letters and make phone calls for her constituents. Frankly, she is supposed to bring home the pork for Franklin County folks. If you can't do a little rainmaking for your peeps you need to retire ASAP.

We especially object to politicians that hyperventilate about one thing they do right on an issue to cover for their years of sorry-ass neglect of veterans as documented by the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Vietnam Veterans of America.


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