Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Another thing about that Deb Pryce ad

A reader raises another interesting question: Why is Pryce using at least one - if not two - vets from a VFW post in Maryland in her ad about her "role" in getting the new Columbus-area VA clinic?

The immediate problem is that this guy is definitely from Post #1936 located in western Maryland.

Picture 6

And while the picture is less clear and the post # is indistinct, this guy

Picture 5

also seems to be this guy

Picture 7

Besides the physical similarities (slow the ad down to verify) in both pictures the vet in these last two pictures sports the distinctive red piping on his overseas hat which, as the second picture makes clear, is typical of Maryland VFW posts.

To be clear, the Post #1936 guy says:
All veterans owe a debt of gratitude to Debbie Pryce.
Fair enough. He has a right to his opinions. But isn't the Pryce for Congress campaign being less than fair for not disclosing - despite the implied message in the ad - who the non-Ohioans are?

Not to beat a dead horse, but we're just saying, you know . . . maybe some political reporters who aren't scared shitless by the thought might want to be making a few calls to the Pryce camp about this.


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