Thursday, June 08, 2006


Blog clean up - goodbye Herb

We are trying to make a few home improvements around Hypothetically Speaking, and one we wanted to alert readers to is that we have dropped our "Herb Asher sightings, too!" slogan.

This has (and had) nothing to do with Herb, a fellow we actually kind of like. The slogan was included in the original Hypothetically Speaking as something of an inside joke and a way to poke fun at lazy reporters. At the time, Herb was the "go to" guy whenever someone in the steno pool wanted an "independent" comment about some political development and his name was popping up in the major Ohio newspapers at least once a week.

Herb, however, seems to have had his quotable person credentials taken away once he aligned himself with the Reform Ohio Now group.

In his stead, the press corps has bestowed Asher's former duties on John Green of the Bliss Institute of the University of Akron. Indeed, a comparison of Google hits between Green and Asher show that the former has built up a scrapbook at least four times bigger than the forgotten Herb.

We don't, per se, quarrel with Green's credentials. We just really wonder (rhetorically) if he is the only credible "expert" on politics in Ohio, or is this just another sign of laziness among political reporters and the low bar that their editors have gotten in the habit of setting?


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