Monday, June 26, 2006


Comfest fun

Tens of thousands packed into Goodale Park to listen to music, support the minimum wage hike and drink cold beer. Yeah, yeah, we know we're behind on posting but the weather and some extra volunteer duties seduced us. For those who weren't there, a few highlights:

Mors Ontologica had the crowd jumping on stage but had the Evil Queen's drummer looking for a seat cover.


Why beer booth volunteers' knees ache . . .


. . . and why their eyes ache after a 4-hour shift, too:


The always fantastic Willie Pooch (in pink), Dave Workman, Greg Trout and other bozos:


Grafton had the Off Ramp Stage gang jumping for more . . .


. . . and more they got with an collective Rockin In The Free World.


Sorry, no Pride Parade pixs. We were up late Friday and nursed a hangover Saturday.


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