Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hi - we're back . . .

. . . finally cancer free (yippee!) and feelin' good.

Looks like someone needs to freshen up things around here.

But what special day it is. Actually, the good times started yesterday when we heard a collective 'squish' as nervous sphincters around the state suddenly tighted with realization that Tom Noe was really going behind bars.

Those same sphincters did an extra-special squish-a-rooni this morning when two words hit the wires this morning: Terry Gasper. See Tommy boy gave the ex-BWC investment chief a $25,000 bribe in Terry's girlfriend's name. Damn, you can't make this stuff up!

Terry's also guilty of not reporting other "income, gifts, travel, meals, entertainment and gratuities." Seems to us that the IRS might be interested in putting Terry in their sights, too.

But it looks like Terry didn't even make a pro forma attempt to plead innocent. Smells like he is cooperating, but we have to wait in see. Teasingly, the Drew Crew reminds us:
Mr. Gasper had helped steer bond business to a Cleveland bank on behalf of the late Paul Mifsud, a former chief of staff of then-Gov. George Voinovich.

Investigators noted numerous calls between Mr. Gasper and Mr. Mifsud, who was seeking consulting work from the bank. The bureau then gave the bank nearly a million in business.
And then Mark Niquette reminds us that:
"Somebody was getting greased," one witness at the grand jury told The Dispatch. "Somebody's gonna fry. Actually, a few somebodies are gonna fry."
"Squeeeeeshy squish," is the sound we like to hear.


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