Thursday, June 29, 2006


"An oversight? Perhaps."

That's putting it mildly:
Mark Rickel, Mr. Taft’s press secretary, said yesterday he didn’t know how Gasper was considered for the 2003 appointment. He also said he didn’t know why Gasper remained a member of the authority for eight months after his forced departure from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
But apparently Taft's spokeswank thinks he as still performing the public a service:
“If you look at the resume, obviously he’s qualified,” Mr. Rickel said.
We did look at his résumé. Working at Borden and having an MBA case doesn't automatically make you qualified to manage a billion dollar portfolio on behalf of the public. Hell, we wouldn't trust $1,000 to three-quarters of the twits who have "earned" their MBA.

Keep in mind that this "new oversight" is on top of Taft's previous "old oversight" (that lasted 9 months) where he "forgot" to inform anyone that the MDL Fund lost $215 million.


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