Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Rasmussen data exposes weakness of GOP damage control

Bob Bennett and the GOP are apparently having a full blown conniption over the SurveyUSA results. But, this is a classic case of "look here, but don't look there." Yes, SurveyUSA's methodology gets questioned a lot, but big fucking whoop since at least 8 other polls show Strickland with a substantial lead over Blackwell.

In particular, these guys are terrified that conscientious reporters might notice that the 5 Rasmussen polls - the only set of polls that accurately allow a time/trend analysis - show things are likely getting worse for Blackwell, not better.

And since pictures speak louder, etc. we provide the following chart to illustrate our point:

Rasmussen polling trend Ohio governors race

Yes, like all polls, its still a snapshot yet it still pretty much documents why reporters should confront Bennett and Blackwell about why they are such deceptive shits.


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