Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Seven in a row: SurveyUSA shows Strickland +16

Poll 6/10 - 6/12 of likely voters show Brown is up, too:
Strickland, currently representing Ohio's 6th District in Congress, gets 53%. Blackwell, currently Ohio Secretary of State, gets 37%.

Strickland gets 89% of Democrat votes. Blackwell gets 72% of Republican votes. 20% of Republicans cross over and vote for the Democrat.

Independents prefer Democrat Strickland by 19 points. Strickland leads by 4 among men and by 27 among women, a 23-point Gender Gap. Blackwell runs even with Strickland among voters under age 35, and in Western Ohio.

. . .

Brown, who represents Ohio's 13th District in Congress, wins by 9 points, 48% to 39%
The cross tabs also show Strickland with a stunning 48% lead among "moderates" and that he is doing as well with wooing "conservative voters" (22%) as Blackwell is with "black voters" (21%). Strickland also leads or runs even with Blackwell in all education, income, region, age, and gender groupings.

This good news comes after positive polls by the Plain Dealer (April 24-26), Rasmussen (Feb. 19, March 31, April 25 and May 18) and Ohio Poll (May 25).

We wonder how this news is going to wash with the lies, damned lies and statistics trolls.


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