Thursday, June 08, 2006


Turnpike leasing constitutional?

Blackwell has proposed leasing the Ohio Turnpike, and using the money for "urban renewal." Besides some experts' opinions that he has grossly overstated what it could be leased for, doesn't this violate Article XII of the Ohio Constitution?
No moneys derived from fees, excises, or license taxes relating to registration, operation, or use of vehicles on public highways, or to fuels used for propelling such vehicles, shall be expended for other than costs of administering such laws, statutory refunds and adjustments provided therein, payment of highway obligations, costs for construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of public highways and bridges and other statutory highway purposes, expense of state enforcement of traffic laws, and expenditures authorized for hospitalization of indigent persons injured in motor vehicle accidents on the public highways.
We supposed the key words are "public highways," but can one of our lawyer-readers please weigh in on this?


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