Wednesday, July 05, 2006


GOP tries to rally Ohioans against maximum wage restrictions

Citing his party's heart-felt compassion for the economic devastation being wreaked across neighborhoods as diverse as Centerville, New Albany and Shaker Heights by ballooning country club initiation fees, Lexus SC leases and jet fractional-ownerships, Ohio Speaker of the House of Representatives Jon Husted has promised a thorough hearing into a proposal that would finally lift the maximum "wage" restrictions for many buckeye state families who make over $100,000 a year.
"For over a decade, the tiny sect of Democrats in the Statehouse have kept a mighty political stranglehold on our ability to bring needed relief to these devastated communities," said the GOP leader.
Weeping, Husted said:
"We offered tax reform. They said no."
Husted said many of Ohio's wealthy had grown frantic and weary of depending on their quarterly dividends. Some were so desparate that they had resorted to pedatory lending to cover their monthly condo maintenance fees in Naples.

He said he hoped to wrap up the hearings by Nov. 8, 2006.

Unless he needs it as an issue again in 2008.


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