Saturday, July 01, 2006


Oh my: Flake hearts Alan Keyes

This is not going to help Kenny's credibility.

Note that Rev. Floyd Flake, Kenny's new co-chair (and we are still waiting for an explanation of why Ohioans should be impressed that a New Yorker is co-chair of a campaign for state office) apparently wrote this in the NY Post in 2000. Although it took the conservative wing of the GOP until 2004 to be fully convinced that Keyes was a raving loon, moderate Republicans had figured that out by 2000:
Keyes has never shrunk in the face of a challenge or a controversy. He says what he means and means to say it time and time and time again. He'll say it until we can't help but listen to his voice.

That's what makes Keyes one of the big winners in this year's presidential sweepstakes.

Interestingly, Keyes has won over the minds, if not the hearts, of many new people. Many people I speak to half jokingly say that if they voted Republican, they'd vote for Keyes. Much of what he thinks and says makes sense, even to many Democrats who've never voted for a single Republican.

What makes the headlines from the GOP's primary debates interesting is that Keyes has won every debate. Not Bush, not McCain, but Keyes, the greatest orator in the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan, has swept the audiences away with his Solonic oratory.

Keyes' breadth of discussion is remarkable. He doesn't even pause for air before he cuts to the most obscure fact on domestic or foreign issues.

. . .

Like him or not, Keyes shoots from the hip and is rarely off message or target. That's the advantage of having beliefs that are not shaped by pundits or handlers who tell you what the people want to hear, rather than what they need to hear.


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