Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Kleptos for Kenny

Rumors circulated the Statehouse yesterday that Kazakhstan president Nursultan "KO-2" Nazarbayev is thinking about making a special side trip to the Buckeye state to endorse Kenny Blackwell and the rest of the 2006 GOP slate. as part of his upcoming visit to the United States. he has arranged for President and leading spokesperson of ,

Nazarbayev, who also chairs Kazakhs for Klepltocracy, said he felt strong parallels between the political beliefs of his Otan Party and Ohio Republican leaders. "I get goosebumps when I think of the similarities we have. Elections that fall short of international standards. The annoyance of advocacy groups. The limited value of opposition voters. The enjoyment of the finer "gifts" in life such as fur coats, snowmobiles, speedboats. The ability of a bribe to clear up contracting dilemmas. I could go on and on," said Nazarbayev. "And those guys, Noe and Gasper. I've got so much to learn, still."


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