Thursday, August 31, 2006


WSJ: Kilroy/Pryce may be most important battle

Uh-oh. This story by the Wall Street Journal's David Rogers is not going to make Bennett happy and it sure ain't the sound of a confident campaign.
Ohio House Race Is Brutal Test
Fight for Pryce's Seat Threatens Republicans' Hold in Heartland

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- There's a lot of America packed into Ohio's 15th congressional district, including what could become the most significant race in this fall's battle for the House of Representatives.

This district doesn't offer a homogenous landscape, but rather is home to African refugees, a growing Latino community, university students and urban gays, all thrown together with corporate Columbus, upscale suburbs and century-old farmhouses, including one in London where President McKinley once spoke from the front porch.

It's a mix that suits the moderate image of Rep. Deborah Pryce, the fourth-ranking Republican in the House. But after years of only token opposition in this district, the seven-term congresswoman is imperiled by economic pessimism, the Iraq war and others' political scandals, which together could bring about an Election Day upset.

. . .

Unaccustomed to challengers, Ms. Pryce, 55 years old, has scrambled to put together a campaign organization. "It's like riding a bike, it all comes back pretty easy," she says. But one of her early television ads even misspelled Deborah. When asked about the recent departure of her young political director, she jokes of having a "rolling staff."

Sam Dawson, a hard-edged Republican consultant and onetime political adviser to Newt Gingrich, has taken control of her campaign. New TV ads are highlighting Ms. Pryce's independence from President Bush and conservative Republicans on stem-cell research. And beneath black-and-white photos of Ohio State football greats at the "Buckeye Hall of Fame," Ms. Pryce tells female supporters, "I promise you, I'm not going to lose this race."
"I'm not going to lose"? Deb - it sounds like your heart is saying you already have.


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