Thursday, August 31, 2006


WSJ story exposes Pryce on being Bush lapdog

Maybe the final nail in Deb's political coffin:
But often Ms. Pryce can seem shy and retiring, turning the stage over to others at Capitol press events.

That could hurt now and contrasts with her challenger. On Iraq, for example, Ms. Pryce says: "People know there's no real answer. They don't really ask about it unless they want to complain about it."

On the future of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld she says: "He knows the intricacies of this war, it's his war, why put somebody else in there to finish it up?"

When her words are read back to her, Ms. Pryce says, "Please understand I am not passive about it at all."

About conversations with the White House, she says, "If I did see something glaringly wrong, I would not hesitate to bring it up." Yet when pressed, she admits: "I can't say I have called them out on how they are conducting the war. No I haven't." [emphasis added]


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