Sunday, September 24, 2006


$35,000 $75,000

It turns out that Ney’s good fortune may not have been pure chance. According to Ney’s guilty plea in federal court last week, the congressman got a helping hand at the casino tables from a foreign businessman who gave him thousands of dollars in free gambling chips.

. . .

According to the Justice Department, Ney and his aides went gambling with “the foreign businessman,” who took them to the Les Ambassadeurs, a swank, members-only casino located in London's West End. Prosecutors say this businessman purchased Ney a membership and provided him and his two aides with thousands of dollars in casino chips. It was during this trip that Ney claimed to have won $34,000 on two hands of cards. The plea agreement, however, makes no mention of a winning spree, saying that Ney by the end of the night had "received" roughly £47,000 (about $75,000).


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