Thursday, September 14, 2006


Bush: "Funny! . . . now lets get back to my right to torture"


Do normal people crack jokes when they discuss torture?
Bush was attempting to gain support from House Republicans split over the president's plan to allow harsh interrogations of terrorists. Saturday's football game pitted the nation's top-ranked college teams in Austin, Texas, where Bush served as governor for six years.

Rep. Deborah Pryce of Upper Arlington, decked out in a gray and scarlet suit and a buckeye necklace, beamed after the meeting about the delegation's treatment of a humbled Bush. She said he called the group "a bunch of sore winners" as they joyously presented him with a scarlet Ohio State flag with a gray block "O" in the middle.

"It was really funny," she said. "He took it well."

Rep. Pat Tiberi of Columbus wore an Ohio State cap and several Ohioans wore red-and-gray striped ties. One exception was Majority Leader John Boehner of West Chester, whose tie was blue.


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