Thursday, September 21, 2006


Dirty money


"Working for Central Ohio" is Pollyanna's motto. Well, part of Central Ohio. It's a very small part, and New Albany's not even in her district. But money talks, right?
People are also invited to join Bush at a Sept. 28 fund-raiser in New Albany, Ohio, for Rep. Deborah Pryce, according an invitation obtained by the Associated Press.

. . .

The invitation for the Pryce event says it will be at the home of Abigail and Leslie Wexner, who is chairman and CEO of Columbus-based retailer Limited Brands Inc.
The White House confirmed that Bush will travel to Cincinnati on Monday for a private fund-raiser for Sen. Mike DeWine.

. . .

An invitation says Monday's DeWine reception at a private home costs $5,000 per person, and guests can get a photograph taken with the president in exchange for a pledge to raise $10,000 for DeWine's campaign.



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