Sunday, September 24, 2006


Dispatch: Strickland, Brown, Sykes, Cordray, Brunner lead

Short version of this: Sweepsville and Apportionment Board! Only GOP leader is Betty.
Strickland +19
Brown +5
Brunner +8
Sykes +12
Cordray +11
Dann -8
Voter Joyce Detunno explained it this way:
"I’m sick of the Republican Party. What a bunch of crooks," remarked the 65-year-old North Sider, who said she has voted mostly for GOP candidates in recent elections. "When the Democrats were in power it was bad, but nothing like the Republicans have done. …

"(Gov. Bob) Taft’s been caught. I don’t know why the people didn’t force him to step down. Now we’ve got (U.S. Rep. Bob) Ney. They should send him to prison and take away his retirement. We’re putting these people in office … and they’re doing everything except what the people want them to do."


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