Friday, September 22, 2006


Hum job

We realize that the "new" GOP strategy is to get the attention off Iraq and instead move the debate to jobs and the economy, so this is not unexpected. Maybe that will work in other states but we don't think that dog is going to hunt here. As a result this confirms that Pollyanna is still clueless.
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce (R-Columbus) hailed yesterday’s news that the unemployment rate in central Ohio dropped to 4.8% for the month of August, citing it as additional evidence that the economic policies she has supported are creating jobs and opportunities for the American people.

“Central Ohio’s economy continues to hum,” said Pryce. “Under our tax relief policies, jobs are being created, unemployment is low, and the economy continues to expand at a remarkable rate.
At the macro level, this is just plain cherry picking. Although the statewide unemployment is down incrementally (5.8% to 5.7%), employment also decreased from 5,458,300 in July, to 5,457,800 in August.

At the county level, the Pryce's use of the numbers even more manipulative. First, county statistics, unlike statewide stats, are NOT seasonally adjusted. Big difference.

Second, the number she uses is faulty because it is for a 7-county "central Ohio." We realize Deb is pretty clueless about most things, but you'd think she know that her district does not include Delaware, Licking, Fairfield or Pickaway counties.

Third, as the graph (below) of the unemployment rates in Frankin, Madison and Union counties indicate, the latest numbers give no support to her claim that things are now hummingly good in her district.

Picture 2

Lastly, we turn to evidence that explains more fully why Deb is full of shit.

As the good people at Policy Matters Ohio explain each month, Ohio has a long, long way to go before it returns to pre-Bush levels. Ohio (using July numbers - used in PMO's latest report), still needs total jobs to increase by 2.4% to break even with 2001 levels (and/or 18.4% more manufacturing jobs).

More precisely, Deb is also hoping OH-15 District voters forget that the unemployment rate in Jan. '01 for all of Franklin, Madison and Union counties was 3.3%.


The economy in the district was so good coming out of the Clinton years that even with 9/11, the average unemployment rate in 2001 in the 3-county area was 3.4%. Kinda makes Deb's 4.8% boast look silly, doesn't it?


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