Thursday, September 28, 2006


The little engine that can't

Joe Tellup of Oxford, a carpenter who assists in the party's Ohio turnout campaign, said it's tough finding other volunteers to call or knock on doors on behalf of the Republican Party. "Regrettably, we're getting a lot of undecideds and 'Nos,' '' Tellup said.

Republicans' sagging morale puts even more pressure on Owens, because off-year elections often produce lower turnout. "Some of our people have done things that have our people down and discouraged,'' Owens said of the scandals. "I keep telling the state party, 'This isn't the same train that was running two years ago.' ''

. . .

George Lang is a trustee of the Butler County township of West Chester, where no Democrats hold office. He says dismay over the Iraq war is likely to depress turnout. "Republicans are going to take some hits, state-wide and nationwide,'' Lang said. "This war in Iraq? Core Republicans are not where the president is. More and more are of the opinion that we should get out.''

. . .

"It's just a different atmosphere,'' [Butler Co. GOP Exec. Dir. Scott Owens] said in an interview. "The enthusiasm isn't there. In 2004, we had 950 volunteers'' to help spur voter turnout. "They just believed in George W. Bush. This year, we have maybe 150, tops. I'll ask people if they can make phone calls or go door-to-door and they'll say, 'Um, let me check my schedule.' ''

Perhaps, however, the real kicker is the admission about the state of the OH-1 campaign:
Mehlman, now chairman of the Republican National Committee, is counting on Owens's organization to save Republican Senator Mike DeWine and House incumbent Steve Chabot, both of whom trail in their re-election bid.


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