Saturday, September 23, 2006


Mr. Black vote

The Blade's Rose Russell weighs in:
I'm hardly alone in my passionate embrace of my voting rights. A lawsuit reportedly was to be filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland saying Mr. Blackwell didn't enforce the national motor-voter law. He has been accused by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now as well as two recipients of public assistance in the northeast corner of the state of not giving thousands of low-income Ohioans the chance to register to vote.

I am not making this up. Read the report yourself. Blacks didn't obtain the right to vote without hindrances easily. We're not going to relinquish that right, regardless of who's purposely or seemingly leading the charge.

I fully recognize that Mr. Blackwell could become Ohio's first black governor. But I also get the distinct impression that none of these observations matter much to Mr. Blackwell. He hasn't exactly refuted the facts or the perceptions, you know.


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