Wednesday, September 27, 2006


OH-15: Single biggest victory for Dems?

If Kilroy, a Franklin County Commissioner, wins this race, it would be the biggest individual victory for the House Democrats on election night, because Pryce, as the chairman of the House Republicans, is the No. 4 member of the leadership team. The Democrats see this district in Central Ohio as an opportunity to make a huge splash, as and Americans United for Change, which opposes Bush's plan to revamp Social Security with private accounts, have been among the groups attacking Pryce in ads.

. . .

And over the last few months, she's tried to reassure voters of her centrist views, by voting for and bragging about her support of embryonic stem cell research and raising the minimum wage, which most of the House Republican leadership opposed. Of course, on almost all the big issues, starting with the Iraq War, Pryce has supported Bush, and that's what Kilroy is hoping can sink the seven-term incumbent.
On OH-1:
This is also a much more difficult year for Republicans, and Cranley has had six more years to establish himself as a city councilman in Cincinnati.

So Chabot, like other Republicans in tight races, is changing the subject from Iraq.
On OH-18:
The challenge for her will be to not allow Space to define [Padgett] as being close to the Bobs. Space, a lawyer, will be trying hard, as ad an he started running last week calls Padgett "Bob Taft and Bob Ney's handpicked candidate."
Voters aren't happy about the economy, Iraq or President Bush here either. Even Neil Clark, a veteran G.O.P. lobbyist and former top Republican state senate official, says "The state is poised to have a very bad day for Republicans."


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