Friday, September 08, 2006


Ohio GOP on higher ed: F-you

Remember, the Republicans have held the Statehouse for 12 years and the governor's office for 16.
A national report card just gave Ohio its third straight "F."

Karlicia Dawson works two jobs just to pay for the rising cost of tuition.

"You really have to keep your grades up, but you still have to work, and you're tired, you have to go home, and study, you're studying, you're hungry, so many things going on at one time," said Karlicia.

For the third time in a row, The National Report Card on Higher Education gave Ohio an "F" for affordable tuition.

For a 4-year school, it costs about 8-thousand dollars for tuition and fees, that's 3-thousand dollars more than the national average.

"While our school are trying hard to make collaborations and give the business community the kind of work force it need to be successful here, the state needs to make the investment in higher education and stop viewing it as another budget expense to be cut to the bone," said Monica Turoczy, Associate Director for the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education.


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