Thursday, September 21, 2006


Ohioans support more state spending on education, health care and jobs

An as-yet unpublished poll commissioned by the independent KnowledgeWorks Foundation indicates that an overwhelming majority of Ohioans want to see government ramp up spending in key areas. From today's Gongwer Report (sub. req'd):
Nearly 80% of the respondents said the state should spend more on education, Nancy Taylor, of KnowlegeWorks Foundation, told the Partnership for Continued Learning during a preview presentation of the group’s poll.

More than 58% of those polled think funding for schools should come primarily from the state, as opposed to 20% that believe it’s mainly the responsibility of local school districts. And about two-thirds think the right to vote on all local school tax issues is important.

. . .

About 70% want the state to spend more on healthcare for the poor and elderly, and jobs and economic development. A majority wanted spending to remain the same for transportation infrastructure and the courts and prison system.
Additionally on education, the survey showed
-48.5% think state funding should be only for students who attend public schools and 41.9% think the state should provide private school vouchers.
-54.7% believe public schools put too much emphasis on standardized testing and 14.4% want more testing.
-57% don’t think standardized tests accurately indicate students’ progress and abilities and 36.6% think they do.
-58.6% strongly favor high schools where students receive both secondary and college credit.
Non college options are also a growing concern:
Over the last three years, the report found the percentage of respondents who believe Ohio should set a goal that all high school students be prepared to go to college declined from 77.5% to 54.6%.
The full survey/report is supposed to be posted next Wednesday.


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