Thursday, September 28, 2006


Ohioans unhappy on Iraq

The lastest in this weeks string of U.C.'s Ohio Polls shows Ohio independents are oppose Administration:
“Do you think the U.S. made the right decision or the wrong decision in using military force against Iraq?”
Right decision 47%
Wrong decision 50%

Right Wrong
Democrat 19% 79%
Independent 38% 55%
Republican 73% 24%

“And, how well would you say the U.S. military effort in Iraq is going… very well, fairly well, not too well or not at all well?”

Very well 11%
Fairly well 37%
Not too well 26%
Not at all well 24%

Democrat 5% 20% 33% 40%
Independent 6% 37% 20% 28%
Republican 18% 52% 20% 9%

“Regardless of what you think about the original decision to use military force in Iraq, do you now believe that the United States will definitely succeed, probably succeed, probably fail, or definitely fail in establishing a stable democratic government in Iraq?”

Definitely succeed 13%
Probably succeed 41%
Probably fail 32%
Definitely fail 13%

Def. Prob. Prob. Def.
Succeed Succeed Fail Fail
Democrat 5% 26% 45% 22%
Independent 6% 37% 45% 11%
Republican 20% 55% 18% 4%

“Do you think the United States should keep military troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized, or do you think the United States should bring its troops home as soon as possible?”

Until the situation has stabilized 61%
Bring troops home as soon as possible 38%

Until Bring Home
Stabilized ASAP
Democrat 39% 59%
Independent 71% 22%
Republican 80% 20%

“Do you think the United States . . . should set a timetable for when troops will be withdrawn from Iraq or should not set a timetable for when troops will be withdrawn from Iraq?”

Should set a timetable 50%
Should not set a timetable 49%

Should Not
Democrat 69% 31%
Independent 53% 44%
Republican 32% 68%


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